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1. Chemical storage tanks

2. Petroleum and gas storage tanks

3. Food and natural oil storage tanks

4. All kinds of steel construction

5. Hydroelectric, thermal and electric centrals

6. Pipe lines

7. Wind turbine centrals

8. All kinds of machines, machine parts and transformers

9. Energy transfer beams

10. Concrete centrals

11. Concrete surface water sandblasting


 Bridges And Viaducts

1. Suspension Bridges

2. Steel Bridges
v 3. Steel viaducts

4. Steel train bridges

5. Steel crossovers

6. Waterproofing systems of below masticasphalts for steel bridges

7. Water sandblasting of steel bridges and viaducts


 Ship And Sea Buildings

1. Shore and open sea buildings

2. Newbuilding ships

3. Repair ships

4. Cargo tanks

5. Ballast tanks

6. Cargos

7. Ports and piers

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